Global has a dedicated research team catering to the needs of both external clients and in-house analysis. The research team covers different areas of interest to our clients such as:


Industrial sectors

Current affairs impacting the business environment

The research department’s analysis is based upon both primary and secondary research. We encourage our analysts to interact with both industry leaders and regulatory authorities to assess future growth prospects, strengths and concerns. This continuous interaction allows for timely access to information as it becomes available.

Furthermore, experienced professionals within the top management of Global are available to guide the analysts where necessary. In its quest to minimize time required to respond to client queries, the research team maintains an interactive database of all listed companies. Expert systems are being built into the database to highlight stocks that start to attract investor attention with minimal time lag.

Global was rated third in overall research by Asia money in 1997. With renewed focus, the research team is now working on developing innovative solutions to help clients make timely decisions through interactive tools available exclusively to them.