Equity Broking


Global has been the corporate member of Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) since 1994, with a focus on institutional clients and high net-worth individuals. Global’s institutional clientele includes mutual funds, investment banks, commercial banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and foreign institutional investors. Global distinguishes itself from other stockbrokers by maintaining no proprietary book, emphasizing long term relationships, setting high ethical standards, and providing quality service. In 1997, the sales team was ranked 3rd for trade executions by Asiamoney, which has also ranked Global as the ‘Best Domestic Equities House for 2005’. Global’s equity brokerage operations include buying and selling of shares, providing investment advice, restructuring of portfolios, and safekeeping of shares in custody and dematerialization. These services are provided by a sales team of three people and a settlement staff of five.

Global’s equity sales team provides its clients with a diverse set of services, including large block placements, identification of long-term stock investment opportunities based on fundamental research, short-term day trading recommendations based on technical analysis, details on company news and announcements, and updates on breaking news that would impact the stock market. Global’s business links with its clients are based on long-term relationships with a strong emphasis on service and quality